About CCR

Boosting Crime Awareness & Safety In Your Community

The Community Crime Report (CCRwas launched in March 2023 as an initiative to boost crime awareness, crime prevention and safety within communities around the world.

CCR is an online platform for community members to upload alerts and reports anonymously on Robbery, Assault, Rape, Cyber crime, Murder and other types of all criminal activity in their communities worldwide. 

All crime reports and alerts on our platform are instantly shared with the members of all communities, business owners, the media/press and to law enforcement agencies.

Our goal is to become the most comprehensive source of up-to-date information about criminal activity for our strategic partners and millions of community members worldwide.

The CCR platform a free public service.

The initiative is the brainchild of an investor/entrepreneur who decided to join the fight against crime as a result of being a victim of a robbery at his home. 

Benefits To The Community

The benefits of the Community Crime Report platform to the community are numerous, and include:

1) Crime Awareness - CCR is an effective platform to instantly report and share up-to-date information about criminal activity with the members of all communities.

2) Solving Crime - Detailed crime reports published on the CCR platform can assist police with their investigations.

3) Apprehension Of Criminals - Instant widespread notification of criminal activity can result in the quick apprehension of criminals.

4) Crime Prevention - Instant sharing of crime reports can save other community members from becoming victims of the same crime. Effective use of the CCR platform also acts as a deterrent to criminals.

CCR is also an effective platform for the police to galvanise the support of the members of the community to fight crime.

Anonymous Sign Up Allowed

We appreciate some people prefer to subscribe anonymously, particulatly when publishing Crime Reports.

Therefore, subscribers are allowed to sign up with an alias instead of their real name.

However, the details of Crime Reports must be accurate.

How To Submit A Crime Report - Disclaimer


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